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Terms of Service

The use of "we", "our", or "us" in our terms of service is in reference to the platform, "Starfiles".

The responsibility lies upon the user to not spread malicious, false, or illegal material. We maintain the right to use information collected as we decide (see privacy policy). We also maintain the right to restrict access to any of our services from people, devices, networks, companies, regions or any other entity from our platform as we choose.

As we are based in Australia (state of NSW), all content uploaded to Starfiles must follow Australian federal and NSW state laws. As our central servers are based in USA, all content uploaded must also follow the federal laws of USA. You are additionally required to follow your local laws while using Starfiles.

Under no circumstances are you to upload any illegal material including but not limited to copyrighted content, terrorism, or child pornography. We are not responsible for any content uploaded to Starfiles, the responsibility falls upon the users of our service.

We do not guarantee that our service will remain online forever. We may have downtime where our servers are inaccessible. We may also shut down our services completely at any time without notice. We are not liable for any loss of property (including files or any other data stored by us), loss revenue or sales, loss of customers, or any other measurable or immeasurable problem that may occur.

Our terms of service and privacy policy may change at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to ensure that you check our terms of service and privacy policy for updates.

By uploading content to Starfiles, you omit your right to restrict other people's access to it and give them the right to do as they wish with the content.

By using starfiles you agree that you understand and will follow our terms of service.