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Hidden Services

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Privacy Policy

The use of "we" or "us" is in reference to the platform, "Starfiles".

The phrase "including but not limited to" may be susbstituted for the phrase "such as".

File uploads

We may keep logs of when a file was uploaded along with the uploader's details and other information provided, such as the user agent of the browser.

File downloads

Anyone with the file download link can see file information such as it's name, size, type or how many downloads it has. We maintain the right to store any information such as the user agent supplied by the user's browser.


Starfiles uses cookies to make the user's experience fast and easy. We use PHP sessions. The sessions are used for multiple purposes such as creating unique download links.

Database Entries

We maintain the right to store the time of database entries.

What data do we store?

Privacy is a central value of Starfiles. We find it very important to preserve user privacy. We only store data that is essential to keep Starfiles running. The primary reason we would need data is to serve certain features (for example we use cookies to preserve file ownership). Data stored is only user submitted data that is necessary for Starfiles to work, for example your name or phone number (if you decide to share it). We do not track or analyse what specific/indiviual users do on Starfiles, nor do we sell any information.

Viewing and Deleting Your Data

To view exactly what data is stored, you can click "Download" [Your Data] under the "Account" tab in Settings. To delete the data Starfiles holds on you, navigate to Settings, under "Your Data" click "Delete" to delete all data Starfiles has about you.

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