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Recommended Files - 16/6/2021

Starfiles now features a recommended files section at the bottom of the home page and file pages. The list of files automatically changes. Files show as "Recommended" "Trending" "Hot" "Popular" and more. This allows for better file discovery and will increase the potential viewership of public files.

Link Email Address + 2FA + Account recovery - 16/6/2021

You are now able to link an email address to Starfiles! With a linked email, you are able to recover lost accounts and enable Two Factor Authentication for security.

Hidden Files & Folders - 6/6/2021

Introducing the "hidden" privacy mode for files and folders.

Privacy Modes:

Public: The file/folder is publicly available, anyone can see it. We tell Google and other search engines to specifically list the page.
Unlisted: Anyone with the URL can access the file/folder. Google will only index the page if the URL is posted somewhere publicly where Google can see (e.g social media).
Hidden: Anyone with the URL can access the file/folder. We tell Google and other search engines to specifically not list your page.
Protected: A password is needed to access the file/folder.

Public File/Folder Viewer - 29/5/2021

You can now browse public files and folders on Starfiles!

Ratings + Trash - 26/5/2021

You can now rate files and folders on Starfiles. An average of each file/folder's ratings will show on it's page along with Google if your file is marked as public.
When deleting your files and folders from Starfiles, they are now moved to your trash. They can be permanently deleted from there. Your files can be recovered from your trash if you change your mind.

Updated Partner Program - 25/5/2021

A little under 6 months ago we introduced our partner program. It was a wild success for eligible members, with them receiving 30% of what we earn on their files. We have updated the program so more members are eligible.
What's new:
- Increased payouts: We have decided to up our payouts. You guys are the ones uploading the files, you deserve an equal share. The payouts have increased from 30% to 50%. That's right, half of what we earn off your files is sent straight to you.
- New criteria: We want to include as many people as possible in our partners program. To meet the criteria, you must have at least 15 downloads a month on your files, with at least one of them having 5 or more downloads.

File News + More - 22/5/2021

After the folder update, we decided it was time to update files too! Here's what's new:
- File locking: You can now disable downloads on specific files.
- File descriptions: You can now write file descriptions.

We also made some other changes. We added an option to make folders public. When a folder is made public, anyone can see it. The public Discord feed now shows folders too. We also added a bunch more API endpoints for our developers.

Folder & File Update + Profile Syncing - 14/5/2021

Using both and Your profiles will automatically sync, so when you upload a file to one, you can also access it on the other.
If your folder is listed on Google, the folder description will now be visible.
You can now set custom file ids.
Files and folders now show view counts.

Folder Permissions - 10/5/2021

You can now change folder permissions. You can invite others to modify your folder along with adding limits to certain functions. There is a config panel at the bottom of every folder.

Public Files - 30/4/2021

Introducing public files! You can mark a file as public to make it visible to everyone. Public files will be listed in our sitemap which means it could show up on google.

Discord Feed - 13/3/2021

There is now a live feed of all public files on our Discord server!

Folder + Dropper News - 11/5/2021

Starfiles Droppers have been very popular. We realised that many new users have no idea about their power. We have decided to merge folders and droppers. Dropper functionality is now available as an option in every folder. All existing droppers have been converted to folders.

We decided to give folders a little buff too! Heres what's new in folders:
- Custom IDs: You are now able to change a folder's id/link. Simply go to the config panel at the bottom of every folder.
- Password protections: You can now password protect folders on Starfiles.

ShareX - 13/3/2021

Introducing ShareX support for our Windows users! Simply download our config file and run it on a computer with ShareX installed.

IPA Signing - 26/2/2021

IPA signing on Starfiles is now available to all members. Simply click "Sign IPA" and select a cert.

Discord Login - 26/12/2020

You can now link your Discord account to your profile. No need to remember your private key, simply login with Discord.

File Deletion Timers - 13/12/2020

You can now set files to be deleted after a certain amount of time.

Translations - 12/12/2020

Starfiles has been translated to 16 languages!

Starring + Partner Program - 6/12/2020

You can now star files and folders using Starfiles! Simply click the star icon next to the file/folder title. Starring an item will show it at the top of your file list and give it a gold colour.
Get more than 20 downloads a month on files you've uploaded to Starfiles? Get in contact with us and we'll pay you 30% of what we earn off those downloads.

Internal Downloads - 1/12/2020

File downloads are now processed within Starfiles. When you click the download button, the file won't show in your downloads until it is complete. This should make file downloads more stable.

Redesigned Search Bar - 21/11/2020

We refreshed the search bar. The search bar has a more modern look, with the sort options attached directly to it.

Droppers - 6/11/2020

Introducing Droppers to Starfiles!

A dropper is a page made just for you. Anyone with the link can add a file to your dropper. Only you can see what they uploaded.

Simply click "Create Dropper" on the home page to get started.

Use Cases:
Away from home and need to send yourself a file?
Upload it to your Dropper.

Want to directly send someone a file?
Upload it to their Dropper.

Need files anonymously sent to you?
Share your Dropper.

Folder Accent Colors - 7/11/2020

Folders can be given a custom accent colour. You are now able to set a custom accent colour on your folders which shows in your file list, download buttons, and discord embeds.

New File Layout + Right Click Menu + Folder ZIPs - 6/11/2020

There is now a custom right click menu on files. When you right click a file or folder, a custom menu will show with quick access to many functions. There is also a new mode you can enable which changes how your files are shown. You can choose from list view and grid view. Finally, we have added the ability to download folders as ZIPs. You can now download a copy of a folder as a .zip file.

File Renames - 21/10/2020

We have added the ability to rename files. You are now able to rename your files after you upload them.

Discord Webhooks - 18/10/2020

We have added support for Discord webhooks. Link your account to a webhook URL to send a message in your server every time you upload a file.