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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starfiles?

Starfiles is a free file sharing service designed to be easy to use.

How long are my files kept online?

Files are kept online for as long as possible. When we run out of storage, we purge inactive files.

For a file to be marked as inactive, it must receive no downloads within the last 6 months. If the file uploader has set a file deletion date within a year of the purge, the file will not be deleted.

Is Starfiles encrypted?

All requests are sent using TLS 1.3 encryption, this means others can't see what you are doing on Starfiles.

All password protected files are protected using military grade (AES-256-CBC) encryption, the file can only be accessed with the password, not even we can access your files.

How big can my files be?

Starfiles allows for files up to 2gb (base 2).

What kind of files can I upload?

Starfiles supports all file extensions. Certain file types have additional features, for example PDFs show previews.

What are the file upload speeds?

Starfiles has no limit on upload speeds. Your upload speeds are limited only by your network.

How many files can I upload?

You can upload as many files as you like (even at the same time), Starfiles has no limits.

Can I get a virus from Starfiles?

Anyone can upload a file to Starfiles, only download files from trusted sources. Suspicious files are flagged with an orange or red dot next to the file name.

How is my data treated?

Starfiles only stores information that is needed to provide a positive user experience. At any time, you can download or delete all data linked to you, no questions asked. Simply open settings and locate "your data". Our privacy policy goes into more detail.

What are instant uploads?

Instant uploads is an exclusive* feature on Starfiles that increases upload speeds. When uploading a file, small essential pieces of it are first uploaded to Starfiles. The instant uploads algorithm figures out what the rest of the file contains and accelerates the upload. The algorithm learns from every file uploaded. To see it in action, upload the same file twice, the second usually uploads a lot faster.

Why was my file made public?

Possible Reason: Someone with access to your file has made it public. Anyone with a link to a file is able to make it public.
Why? Making a file public is essentially saying "check out this file" to the world. Anyone who knows the link to your file is already capable of sharing it anywhere, making a file public is similar.

Possible Reason: A crawl bot (e.g Google) has accessed your file. When we detect that a bot has accessed your file, we make it public.
Why? Crawl bots are only able to discover new links if they have been made public or shared publicly on another site. If we detect that a crawl bot has accessed your file, that means that anyone can already access your file.

How do I prevent this? To prevent other people or crawl bots from making your file public, simply mark it as "hidden". This prevents anyone except you from publicly listing the file.

What do I do if my file has been made public? There are a couple options available in a situation like this. To prevent others from accessing your file you can simply password protect it, or change the file ID and unlist your file.

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* The concept of instant uploads is protected under copyright. A DMCA notice will be given to any service which attempts to replicate this feature without written approval from Starfiles. Legal action may also be considered.