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Advertise on Starfiles

Starfiles let's you advertise on certain filetypes.

Own a PDF viewer? Advertise on PDF files.
Own an image editor? Advertise on PNG files.


$1 Per 10'000 Views

$1 Per 10 Clicks


File hosting done simple


Would you like to target specific file types?
List all file extensions you want to target or leave a note explaining how you'd like your ads targetted.
Spending Budget
-1 for unlimited
A multiplier defines how much you are willing to spend per view/click. You pay the listed price above multiplied by your multiplier.
The higher your multiplier, the more frequently your ad will be shown.
It is recommended that you set your multiplier to "auto", this way your ad price varies dependings on what others are paying, so your ads are always visible at a fair price.
Setting your multiplier below 1.0 may result in your ads not being seen.

Applications can take some time to be reviewed. If you would like to fast track an application, DM me on Twitter.