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Minimum: 1
Maximum: 100
Quantity: 1
Generated 9 days ago

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1 2 minutes ago dda0057f8f7d6a232822ae94e42bf8d0176ba470cd90e2383bd47dfe204e231a
1 2 minutes ago f76272f4356e644e5a8b02b53a0c4afe51f1f06307a93e063ad49676c8956954
1 2 minutes ago c60f4853c0835d63213ad0f1d7341886116554222293d7ee18e42baa6f3e31aa
1 2 minutes ago f47f8a5df45e00d847a94fe93bb8c8ec299fc9a490de9bf728c6396c37a74c47
1 2 minutes ago e400117810864596a03eea8c478c70b03fe2cd9a28d232c5b9196e1f2f58029b
1 2 minutes ago 16cd625914cec805b3424ba8641d446d14333e5b19048dd69360f69e1d8aa611
1 3 minutes ago 1e56ee7765e27d8a30e8140335a70ea674b7e2628ee8f9c3fcb982238ed14427
1 3 minutes ago e58340354adb90897aa8500ae483fe08173a13edcd8bd3594560e892b7fc633f
1 3 minutes ago 6d42de2aac501e9474b1c34b963d3621e568114665d9c3c8226289dc14fc73a9
1 3 minutes ago 60c8fc99d1be3dadf4b79822644d93f36eecc6f49c3f82ef5951dbbae7a4931c
1 3 minutes ago f09fe5511ff13a8192a4cba9bf46e38b85cf469dc237c39dd732d5fd3377ea3c
1 3 minutes ago caf1fefe5b63971cf2e7a0a3c30185719e72b15b96ec289e07fe1d17c90f8ef9

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Running a giveaway? Need a truely random number you can prove is real?
Starfiles Random Number Generator (Starfiles RNG) is the perfect solution. With Starfiles RNG, you can create truely random numbers with proof of authenticity.

What does that mean?
Starfiles RNG allows you to generate pseudo-random numbers with a paired link you can share to prove that the number is true.

How does it work?
Well its simple, once you generate a random number, you will be given a hash for the results. This hash is an identifier for the results. You can share this hash (or a link to the results) to others, and the they can check the authenticity of the result

How is authenicity proven?
When looking at the results, you are shown all similar results in the past, with details such as how long ago they were generated. Additionally, you can see the list of past results from the user who generated the random numbers.