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If you are reporting a file that contains illegal content such as terrorism, explicit images of a minor or child abuse... please report it to the Australian authorities here so they can investigate it.
Starfiles is based in Australia with our central servers hosted in America. If the content you are reporting breaks Australian (state of NSW) law, please report it to the Australian authorities. If it breaks American laws, please report the file to us so we can take it down.

Reports can take some time to be reviewed. If you would like to fast track a report, DM us on Twitter.

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@StarfilesHelp (Twitter) | @Quix_Tweets (Twitter) | Discord | Email
For fastest replies, contact us via @Quix_Tweets or Discord.
Need another method of contact? If none of the options listed above are available to you, you can fill out the form above and leave a message under "notes".