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Introducing The Starfiles Onion Service

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What is Tor?

Tor is a web browser based on Firefox, designed to provide anonymity to it's users. Tor stands for "The Onion Router". "The Onion Router" describes how Tor works perfectly, Tor provides users protection through the concept of layered encryption. When browsing the internet through Tor, your traffic is routed through multiple "relays" with each adding a layer of protection to your request.

Misconceptions about the dark web

Tor - or as it's known, "the dark web" - is commonly seen as a place to buy illegal items or view illegal content. Although this is possible and occurs frequently on the dark web, it is not what Tor was made for. Tor was made by the US Navy as a form of encrypted communication. It was leaked to the public, because of it's decentralised nature, the government was unable to shut it down. Tor is frequently used in countries like China and Iran to bypass national censorship, especially by journalists.

Is Tor legal?

Yes. Tor is simply a system used to view the web anonymously, there is nothing illegal about that.

What is The Starfiles Onion Service?

The Starfiles Onion Service is the official Starfiles Tor website. It comes with all the benefits of tor.

How to Access The Starfiles Onion Service

To connect to the Starfiles Onion Service, you need a Tor browser which you can install here. Once installed, you can open starfilehlzihkml3yfwrddv63vdmmgnelhwaasrnsslyfupqdte5uqd.onion in the Tor browser and use Starfiles as you normally would.

Why is Starfiles on Tor?


Many people live in countries where they can get arrested for the things they say. Numerous countries block social media to prevent their citizens from viewing outside information and sending information out of the country. The Starfiles Onion Service provides anonymity to those who need it.

Extra Security

The Starfiles Onion Service provides users an extra layer of security over viewing on Tor. When viewing a regular website on the Tor browser, you still get the 3+ layers of encryption, but the last relay calls Starfiles using the regular internet. Onion Services provide an extra layer of security where the request is never exposed to the regular internet until it reaches the final server (Starfiles).

Peace of Mind

Starfiles is a privacy first platform, we only store user information if it is essential for the service to work as expected. Users who utilise our Onion Service, can have peace of mind that no identifying information is stored on them.

Tor Based Features

With the Starfiles Onion Service being freshly released, we are excited about the possibilities of new features to be added!

Optionally Require Tor to View a File

We have added the ability to restrict access to your file for all non Tor users. At the bottom of your file there is now the option to lock your file to Tor users. With this feature enabled, non-Tor users will be unable to access your file. If the file you are sharing is sensitive, this is an amazing feature for protecting it (and the users accessing it).


Tor users, although viewing ads, don't cover Starfiles expenses sufficiently. Our primary source of monetisation (ads) is hindered on Tor. Ad companies don't pay as much for Tor users because they have no way to tell if they are real users or not.

How you can help

Starfiles is only possible thanks to our premium members. Without donations and premium subscriptions, we wouldn't be able to run Starfiles. Especially with Tor users, we lose money for each person that uses the service. If you'd like to help keep Starfiles running, you can donate via PayPal (click here) or become a premium member (click here). Premium members get perks such as no ads, extra features, and more!

Suggestions and Questions

We love feedback! Be sure to send us any suggestions or questions you have via Twitter, Discord, or Email.

Supporting Starfiles

Starfiles is only possible thanks to donations and premium members. If you find Starfiles useful and would like to show some appreciation, you can donate via PayPal (click here) or become a premium member (click here). Premium members get perks like extra features, no ads, and more!

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