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Increasing your Audience on Starfiles

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We all want to see our files become popular. So many times have we seen people sharing files on Starfiles, just to get zero downloads. Starfiles provides essential tools for optimising your uploads to gain thousands of views. We do our best to give all files the opportunity to get popular. Hopefully, after reading this article you can increase your audience and list on Google.

Marking Your File as Public

The most important thing you can do to increase your file's audience is to mark it as public. At the bottom of every file's download page, there are privacy options. Files are unlisted by default. It is highly recommended that you mark your file as public to increase possible viewership.

Benefits of Marking a File as Public

  • Your file will be listed in our "Public Files" list on the home page where anyone can see it.
  • Your file will show up for many users as a recommended file (or even under "trending", "hot", or "popular" if the file has high engagement).
  • We provide Google with a live list of all public files in the form of a sitemap.
  • Your file will show up on our feed of public files.

Downsides of Marking a File as Public

Files that are marked as public are visible to the whole world. It is important not to mark private files as public as anyone can see them.

Encouraging Engagement

Starfiles analyses user engagement to identify which files are the most popular. Files with higher engagement levels tend to be listed as a trending or recommended file on our home page and other files' download pages.

Benefits of Encouraging Engagement

It is essential that you encourage users to engage with your file. This gives us an idea of how popular your file is. We analyse each public file and give them a ranking based on engagement. Attached to our sitemap, we provide search engines such as Google a number that evaluates engagement. The more user engagement a file has, the higher chance of it being listed highly on Google.

How to Encourage Engagement

Encouraging your audience to engage with a file can be the most difficult part. What I'd recommend is asking friends or followers on other social medias to rate or comment on a file. Additionally, you can always leave a comment on your file asking users questions designed to get a reply, for example, you can ask if they had any issues using the file or if they enjoy it.

Sharing Your File

After you've made your file public, it can be beneficial to give your file a "leg up". You can share your file on social media or in group chats to increase the view count. An essential factor we use to evaluate the popularity of a file is the "freshness" of the file. For example, a file getting 100 downloads on the day it is uploaded is better than it getting 100 downloads a month later. We use many calculations to evaluate the freshness of a file. A basic one to keep in mind is "engagement/time". The more engagement a file gets over a short period of time the better.


If you want your file to thrive, you must focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is essential in listing high on search engines such as Google. Starfiles does most of the work for you. We automatically tell search engines and social medias all the details we have about the file. This is why if you share a file on many social medias or instant messengers you see a nice preview of the file. But we can only help with SEO to an extent.


It is important to fill your file's page with important keywords. For example, if you are sharing a Minecraft mod you would want to list highly for {your mod's name}, "Minecraft" and other specific keywords. This should be done in many forms.


It is essential you have a descriptive filename that includes all your keywords. Instead of writing something like "" give your file a more descriptive and human readable name such as "Minecraft 1.17 Modpack {Mod Name}.zip". This way search engines know what your file is about.


Your file description is shown at the top of the file's page. It is also provided to search engines and social medias so they can understand your content better. Make your description unique and filled with descriptive keywords. A nice description should contain a summary of the file, along with keywords relating to it. Descriptions are Markdown compatible so you can get very detailed with your text formatting. Small tip: Google loves titles/headings.


The comment box allows users to submit whatever content they wish onto the file's page. It is important to encourage your users to post on topic comments including your keywords.

Avoid keyword stuffing!

Although it is important to include your keywords, it is important not to stuff your keywords into your content. Google knows when you are doing it. A general rule of thumb is to keep your content human readable. You shouldn't be stuffing keywords into your content to the point where every second word is a keyword.


Backlinks are pages that link to your file. Google sees backlinks as approval from other websites. For example, if "Site A" links to your file, Google will assume "Site A" likes your content. The more backlinks your file has, the higher it will list on Google.

Quality backlinks

Google pays attention to the quality of each backlink. If a site has many backlinks pointing towards it (e.g Wikipedia), Google sees the content as higher quality. But if the site points to low quality URLs (e.g., Google sees the content as low quality. You should focus on getting backlinks from high quality sites as they have a higher influence on how high you list on Google. A good indicator of the quality of a website is Domain Authority (DA) which can be checked here. You are looking for sites with high DA and low Spam Scores.

Internal Backlinks

A simple method of getting backlinks is linking to your file from other file's descriptions or comment sections. For example, if you are sharing a Minecraft mod pack, you could link to your other mods in the description. Internal links help Google discover new URLs and see which ones are more important than others.

External Backlinks

External backlinks are other websites that link to your file. Google loves external backlinks. External backlinks boost the credibility of your file as other websites are linking to it. One type of backlink that is fairly easy to get is blog posts. You can contact people who write blogs relating to your content and share the link to your file.

Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool for getting your content more views. Search engines also look at how often your file has been shared on social media to accurately list it on search results. It is important to encourage others to share your content.

Facebook Likes

At the top of every file, there is a Facebook like button. Liking your file and encouraging others to do the same, boosts how many people see the file. When a file gets many likes, Facebook starts showing the file to people Facebook believes will enjoy the content. Search engines also look at like counts to get a representation of how many people enjoy the content.

Quality Content

Google loves quality content. It is one of the most important factors in listing highly on Google. Your file's description should have 200+ words. Remember file descriptions support Markdown, so you can include images and add headings for brownie points. Another place you can add content is the comment section. You should get viewers to share their thoughts on the file in the comment section. Your content must also be unique, a key aspect of having quality content is how unique it is. Why would Google list your file if the description is identical to text written on another website?


Hopefully, you have learned a few strategies you can use to make your file more popular. If you liked this article consider pressing the Facebook like button :)

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